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Meg your gonna get spanked!!!

Meg's Punishment is the first episode of Koopsmat's Family Guy series.



Meg Griffin sits in her room, bored. She decides to start smoking a pack of cigarettes she found earlier. As she smokes her first cigarette, Stewie Griffin enters her room and catches her smoking. Meg responds by swearing at Stewie, and giving him the middle finger. Stewie runs out of the room crying, and informs Peter and Lois Griffin that she is smoking. They seemingly teleport into her room, and catch her red-handed. As Meg starts crying, Peter declares that Meg shall be subjected to 5 severe punishments.

The First Punishment - Spanking[]

Peter pulls Meg's pants down, sets her on her bed, and spanks her 52 times. Just as Meg thinks it's over, Lois steps in with a belt and spanks her at least 19 more times.

The Second Punishment - Ice Cubes in Underwear[]

Peter commands Meg not to put her undergarments back on yet, and fills them with ice cubes, then has Meg put them back on. The ice cubes melt in her underwear, as Stewie watches in amusement.

The Third Punishment - Barney Bondage[]

Before Meg can even put her pants back on, she is tied to the couch and forced to watch an episode of Barney & Friends.

The Fourth Punishment - Feet Tickled[]

Peter and Lois set Meg back on her bed, and start tickling her foot with a feather for an hour straight. Just when Meg thinks it's over, they tickle the other foot for another hour.

The Fifth Punishment - Sent To School Naked[]

The parents declare that Meg's final punishment is that she will be sent to school completely naked. Meg begs her parents not to, telling them that it will ruin her life. Lois responds by telling Meg that she should have thought about that before she started smoking. The following morning, Meg walks into the school without any clothes on. Immediately, the entire school is pointing at her, laughing, and recording videos of her. She runs out of the school crying, and gets expelled and arrested for indecent exposure off camera.


Lois declares that Meg will never smoke another cigarette again, and Peter expresses his love for beer.